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Our Story

Oh My Juice is locally owned by Denitia Blount. Denitia, who graduated from Baylor University, moved back to Waco in 2013. Having issues with chronic pain and migraines, Denitia started looking for alternative ways to heal the body which led to her passion of clean eating and sparked the idea for Oh My Juice. Starting at the Waco Downtown Farmers Market in 2014, OMJ began selling cold-pressed juice. Our first storefront opened in Downtown Waco in 2016 and we expanded our menu to include acai bowls, smoothies and salads. In 2022, we opened our second location in Woodway, TX and we can't wait to see where we land next!

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At OMJ, we believe that food has the power to heal and our goal is to make healthy food taste good. Our products are made with fresh, natural ingredients. What you see is what you get - there are no hidden preservatives or refined sugars in any of our acai bowls, smoothies, or other products. We want to support your health and have something for you no matter your diet - vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free.

Cold pressed juicing uses a hydraulic press to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. No heat is used in the process so nutrients break down much slower in cold pressed juice. Because no heat is applied, cold pressed juice will retain its nutritional value for much longer than juice from a traditional juicer. We do not use HPP processing, a process used to extend shelf life, on our juice either. It is always the freshest for you when you buy!

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