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Juice Cleanse FAQs

Juices Included in Cleanse: Revitalizer, Love Potion, Chia Hydrator, Celery, Tumeric Tonic, E3Live, Got Greens, Ginger Shot. 


We are not doctors. This is not a medically guided cleanse, and it may not be appropriate for everyone. Please consult your physician if you are not sure whether a cleanse is safe for you.*

  • Can I Lose Weight Quickly by Cleansing?
    Cleansing is not a quick and easy way to lose weight. If you choose a cleanse with the idea that you will drop weight quickly, you will likely be disappointed. Instead of viewing cleansing as a "quick fix", it would be wise to view it as a way of making positive changes to your diet.
  • How Will I Feel While Doing a Cleanse?
    While cleansing, expect to be a little lethargic the first day or so. Your body is detoxifying. Many toxins are processed in the liver and the cleansing process releases those toxins to be eliminated making you feel a little sluggish. A cleanse can also affect your digestive system for the first day.
  • What If I'm Not Ready To Do a Full Cleanse?
    If you're not ready for a total juice cleanse, ask us about a once-a-day celery cleanse.
  • What Order Do I Drink the Juices In?
    You will be given a guide to show you what order to drink the juices. You do not have to finish each juice to see benefits but please be sure to drink the entire Chia Hydrator, as there is no fiber in juice and your only fiber will be the chia seeds.
  • What To Eat Before and After Your Cleanse?
    Vegetables and herbs Gluten free grains: brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, millet Beans and lentils Raw nuts and seeds Avocado, olive oil, coconut oil Fruits and berries Wild-caught fish and grass-fed poultry
  • What Not To Eat Before and After Your Cleanse?
    Processed foods Fried foods Refined sugars Refined flours Dairy Red meat Wheat Caffeine Alcohol Tobacco Drugs
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